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Welcome to the Everblue progress blog!

Everblue is something I've been thinking about for a long time... It's gone through several versions in the past -- most of them in my mind -- but I think I've finally gotten it to a point where I can start converting those thoughts into comic format.

I should mention that the first chapter is basically a rough draft at the moment. I'll be going back at some point to get it on par with Chapter 2, which is closer to where I want it to be, visually. But I'll still take critiques and make changes to the current chapters to try and better the reading experience :].

This blog will be used to post development and progress related art/things. All new pages will be posted on the website.


Everblue is a story about adventure, camaraderie, and exploration in a world with a potentially bleak fate.

In a world of endless ocean, four castaways set out to reshape their destinies. One among them may hold the key to changing that world forever. With a power-hungry nation and its deadly operatives at their heels, they find themselves seeking out a myth long-since hidden from the population, guided by little more than a boy and his childlike ambition.

Main Characters

Anonymous comments are enabled, so feel free to post your opinions on the comic here or in the updates if you want ;)


Lack of Planning

 There won't be a new page this weekend. I have to get a bunch of edits done for chapter 2 and get the whole thing properly formatted for print before January. XD

Also, I've decided that Chapter 2 should end at around page 44, meaning that the comic is already 16 pages into Chapter 3: now titled "Luna." This will make the current volume one chapter longer, but I really think it's the best thing to do when it comes to print and keeping things consistent.

One thing I'm a little worried about is moving all those pages into a Chapter 3 category and changing the page numbers. Will all the comments be lost? I would also need to insert a new cover before those pages and I don't know how to do that XD. It seems like it might be easier just to delete pages 45-60 and re-upload them in the new category, but I'd feel bad about deleting all the nice feedback :[

If anyone knows how to go about this in the most non-destructive way, I'd really appreciate the help XD

Rrgh, all of this has taught me that I really should have a complete script done before I start on a chapter, rather than just a basic outline. Also, I should learn to hold some ideas back for the sake of the chapter's length, if nothing else -- sometimes the story can really get away from me when a new idea pops up mid-chapter >_>

Wiki Woes

I seem to be using my Livejournal just to post about problems lately. I promise I'll stop after this one XD.

So, my
wiki is getting spammed constantly, and these bots/people/whatever keep adding sections and pages linking to external sites for prescription meds, ringtones, etc >_>. I keep having to go in and rollback any recent changes. Now whenever I see the words "Levitra" or "Ringtone" in my wiki I want to break something >_____<

If anyone with MediaWiki experience can help me figure out how to restrict editing privileges to just the main user, I'd really appreciate it ;__;.

Solved! Thanks, p_a_sabrina! :D