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Just finished up the file for the second main character. Hehe, decided not to burden myself with a special 'third pose' like I did before; this'll make the files much easier to draw XD. Anyway...

Here's Luna, who plays a significant role in the storyline -- perhaps more so than Ten :P.

Full Name: Luce della Luna (surname spoken first)
Age: 18

An orphan, Luna grew up in a military academy on one of the largest islands in the world, Rose City. Due to her upbringing, she attained a good grasp on various fighting skills, particularly in the area of sword arts. But with the help of her 'brother', a fellow student who urged her not to join the military, she started up a business repairing ships and has lived on her own ever since. She seemed to have a natural talent for patching up boats, strangely knowing her way around their complex designs.

Luna is an intelligent, strong-willed person who takes the professional aspects of her life quite seriously. She rarely finds time for fun and, aside from her 'brother', has made very few real friends in her lifetime. Something from her past (which she keeps to herself) seems to have made Luna hesitant to pursue anything beyond her immediate grasp. However, she secretly dreams of exploring the world and spends much of her spare time enthusiastically reading tales of adventure. This is a side of herself she does not share with the rest of the world.

Also, I should note that Luna is a pretty modest character. She would probably never expose that much of her stomach (as pictured) on purpose -- but I needed to get an image of the emblem in there, mostly for future reference... plus it's fun to draw tattoos XP.

I'm having fun with this project so far :D. I feel like I should have started on it a long time ago.

More character files to come :).
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