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Sharp Things

Just noticed she's a little more... orange than I had intended... XD But that's fixable.

This is Dagger, probably my favorite character when it comes to personality quirks XD.

Real Name: Kept secret :O
Age: 25

Dagger is a vigilante who roams the sea lanes along the equator, making a living taking down pirates and criminals for local contracts. She hails from one of the *Independent Chains. A master of the twin daggers fighting style, she often competes in illegal fighting tournaments to earn her keep, and, in her time, has become widely regarded as undefeatable. She has a past clouded in uncertainty, supposedly the victim of a massacre on her home island which left her scarred. Apparently, she closely follows the exploits of a second vigilante, the Central Kingdom's 'Silver Gun'.

Her most treasured possessions are her ornate twin daggers.

Despite the rumors about her past, Dagger maintains a surprisingly upbeat and cheerful demeanor. Whenever hardships are brought up, she will shake them off with a hearty laugh or joke. She is headstrong, often reckless, and enjoys a good fight (not averse to instigating them on occasion).

Some people who have come to know Dagger call her "Broken Blade" and claim that she hides the ravages of a painful past behind the guise of smiles and laughter. Dagger refers to these people as idiots.

*a group of man-made islands that have seceded from the kingdom.
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Haha, I like her response to the people who thinks she has a painful past XD Thats so much more interesting than her moping around!

Also yay, independent islands <3 I'm a sucker for stories that don't have just like one massive 'land' or kingdom or whatever (or two, for the sake of some giant war).

One thing that bugs me a little about the drawing is that her torso is very flat, I'd suggest maybe rounding out the area right under the boobs (ribcage) and at the hips (pelvis). Her arm is in the way of course but that would suggest some more curvature to her spine. Sorry if those are unwanted crits ;__;
Thank you so much! I wanted to steer her character away from the typical angsty, tragic past type. Though she definitely has an unfortunate history, she deals with it in an out-of-the-ordinary way.

And not at all :D. I've always struggled with getting anatomy right, so it's great to get a critique from someone who knows what they're talking about. I could definitely make some edits to this pic.

Thanks again! I can't properly articulate how great it is to receive some feedback on this thing :).
Not a problem, reading and seeing these is such a treat... I really think this journal could use more viewers, is it ok if I plug it in my next sketchpost? Or are you trying to keep this on the down low XD

Really? I would be extremely grateful/speechless if you did.

I was mostly doing this to help motivate myself to keep working on it, and didn't really expect anyone to follow along -- let alone my favorite artist -- but possible feedback/critiques from more people would definitely add to the motivation :D.

Thank you so much!