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Sharp Things

Just noticed she's a little more... orange than I had intended... XD But that's fixable.

This is Dagger, probably my favorite character when it comes to personality quirks XD.

Real Name: Kept secret :O
Age: 25

Dagger is a vigilante who roams the sea lanes along the equator, making a living taking down pirates and criminals for local contracts. She hails from one of the *Independent Chains. A master of the twin daggers fighting style, she often competes in illegal fighting tournaments to earn her keep, and, in her time, has become widely regarded as undefeatable. She has a past clouded in uncertainty, supposedly the victim of a massacre on her home island which left her scarred. Apparently, she closely follows the exploits of a second vigilante, the Central Kingdom's 'Silver Gun'.

Her most treasured possessions are her ornate twin daggers.

Despite the rumors about her past, Dagger maintains a surprisingly upbeat and cheerful demeanor. Whenever hardships are brought up, she will shake them off with a hearty laugh or joke. She is headstrong, often reckless, and enjoys a good fight (not averse to instigating them on occasion).

Some people who have come to know Dagger call her "Broken Blade" and claim that she hides the ravages of a painful past behind the guise of smiles and laughter. Dagger refers to these people as idiots.

*a group of man-made islands that have seceded from the kingdom.
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