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Ready, Aim...

OMG. I can't believe I pulled this one off. This guy's design, much more than the other main characters, was giving me the most trouble -- which is why I saved him for last. But I did it, and tried to pay more attention to anatomy this time XD. It's such a strange feeling: I've had these characters in my head for so long, trying to think of their faces, personalities, etc... and now here they are... outside my imagination, staring back at me O__O.

Here we have Gun... I'll let you guess what his primary weapon of choice is :P. He's also the only main character that actually wears real shoes :D :D.

Real Name: Prefers use of alias
Age: 28

Gun is a well known vigilante who has terrorized the Central Kingdom's criminal population for nearly a decade. Strangely enough, he often forgoes collecting the bounty after taking down an outlaw; it seems the possibility of payment is not the driving force behind his actions. He also boasts a rather peculiar record for one in his line of work: he always brings his contracts in alive. In this regard, Gun is seen as an enigma -- a man who carries a pistol, but refuses to use it for its intended purpose.

Rumors claim Gun was once a member of a group of elite soldiers called "The Eight Marksmen" before the unit was dissolved due to supposed acts of treason. It is unknown what fate befell the eight members, but if Gun was among their ranks, he appears to be the only one remaining.

Gun does not seem to have any other purpose in life aside from tracking down criminals... However, considering his rumored past, he may be seeking some form of redemption by doing so.

Though he may appear intimidating, Gun is actually a fairly subdued individual. He tends to avoid unnecessary confrontations whenever possible, has a great respect for kind people, and... is absolutely terrible at speaking to women. However, when something starts to rattle his nerves, Gun can be rather blunt and sardonic, having a short fuse when it comes to certain types of people.

In his time, Gun has earned quite a name for himself, often thought of as a hero; however, he refuses to acknowledge himself as anything more than vigilante.

Also, just for fun, here are some quick drawings of Dagger and Gun's respective weapons:

Gun's pistol (shown from both sides*) is actually sort of a flintlock-style revolver, which carries eight shots -- a trademark of the Eight Marksmen.

Dagger's blades (one shown sheathed) are identical to one another, making them perfect for two-handed combat.

Both the revolver and the blades are supposed to be composed entirely of metal, since wood-like substances are too rare to be used as materials in Everblue. Anything of the sort is mostly reserved for building ships and is very hard to come by/extremely expensive.

*second side has been flipped vertically to conserve space XD.
That's it for the main characters! Some minor supporting character files to come, and then I can start thinking about pages :).
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