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The first post of the new Everblue livejournal :B. Expect more sketches and stuff in the future. 


From left to right: Luna, Dagger, Aiko, and Aislin.

I'm definitely biased towards the female characters. I feel like I gave them more interesting backstories and personalities. That's not to say that Ten and Gun don't have interesting backstories XD. It's just, I sort of like the way I went with the others a little more, especially in their costume designs XD. 

spiritofbeard raised a rather startling point in the last sketch post: that Aiko might sort of resemble Luna a bit, which would become all kinds of wrong real quick >_>. So I did these sketches as practice further differentiating the two and their designs.

Thanks for stopping by! :D


Haha, complaining about interesting female characters? Never! I'm eager to see how their stories and personalities evolve as the story continues! :3
Thanks so much! :D
Thanks so much! :D Haha, glad you like that -- I don't draw enough round noses :B

Ah!I love all the sketches you've done of these four.They're very um,informative as to their personalities.Or something like that.

I especially like Luna's and Aislin's expressions.They seem like those you wouldn't expect on their faces :D
Haha, thank you so much! :D

Ah, that's right, I haven't really drawn Angry Luna just yet XD. Glad you liked those!
Heh, I absolutely love these sketches.. they remind me very much of The Meek and all its awesome, especially in the style - they look epic ^__^

Moar plz? :B xD But seriously, it's been great watching this story grow =3
Thanks so much! :D Haha, now that the website's up I've been sketching a lot more [for some reason], so there's definitely more to come :)