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I had to get this done for future pages. Mechanical drawing is definitely not my forte and I need a little reference help a lot of the time XD. 

I even made sure that the mast lowers correctly. You can see the animation here: [link]

:B It might be overkill, but it really helps me out in the long run.

I did something similar in chapter 1, designing Ten's original boat in Sketchup:

The new one was made in Maya, which makes designing complex models like boats much easier :]

Running behind on the new page because my landlord is moving me to a smaller apartment. And right after I set up the site >_>. I'm sure I'll have it up sometime this week though :B


I'm even more impressed than I was at the last models since I've tried to model stuff in google sketchup and failed pretty badly at it. XD Keep up the awesomesauce work!
Thanks so much! :D

Sketchup gets easier with practice :]. It definitely beats Maya in terms of user-friendliness.
Heh, I've seen a webcomic by another artist about the pains of Maya, it looked like an advanced form of torture actually.
Super impressive :) Looks like it'll be a great help for drawing it in different angles!
Thanks! :D

Yes ;_;. One of my biggest worries has been getting all these ships to look right at different angles.
Honestly, it's so cool to see all those models! Keep up the good work! :3
Thanks so much! :]
Some gorgeous work there. ^_^
Thank you :D
Thanks so much! ^^ I'll try to post more stuff like this in the future :]
Pff seeing the boat from all these different angles and versions makes me think their should be an Everblue Boat magazine :B

Keep it up! Can't wait to see more :D
Thank you :D. Haha, that gives me a great idea for a new section on the website... once I have more boat models done :]
oooooh.. I have to get me some of this Maya to have some tomfoolery with!

But I'mma loving the way you can see all the comic stuff have original graphic designs and things.. it feels very.. movie-y xD
Hehe, Maya is pretty expensive (over $2000 @_@) and I got it through school. But there is a free alternative with all the same features (and a better interface, imo).

Thanks! :D