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Helluva Week

 I only did a small post a while back about it XD. So, just a little reminder: new pages of the comic are now on the website :D.

I had been getting ready to move for a while, waiting for the guy in the other apartment to move out. So, for some reason, once he was out I had to move out of my old place in one week >_>. I don't know if it's legal for them to tell me to do that, and I don't really care. It was just across the street and I kind of enjoy moving (it forces me to organize things). Anyway, while I was packing things up, I found these old sketches of the main characters (brace yourself) XD:
I think we've seen this design before. Ten had goggles, a lopsided bandanna and awesome poofy pants.
Luna wore a dress D:. This probably explains why the current Luna *hates* dresses XD. She also used her ribbon to tie up her hair in a way that makes no sense.
Dagger had tamer hair, just one blade, and some super cool gloves. The twin blades came later when I decided to make it a staple of her people's fighting traditions.
And Gun... was a super cool dude (with a pointy chin). Yeah... Just to poke fun at this old design, I'm totally going to give Young Gun hair like that XD. Hah, now that I think about it, New Gun stole Old Dagger's gloves! :o

I had some small bios written next to them and it surprised me how much I kept intact for the new story. One of the biggest changes that happened is they're all older now. Ten and Luna used to be fifteen and it just didn't work out chronologically, tying everything together. Also, I'd feel bad putting kids through some of the later, darker story elements XD.

Also found a couple of the old pages past the ones I've already posted:

Haha, New Seta didn't bother knocking XD

Biggest difference between my art back then and now is all the anime goop. My stuff is still highly influenced by Japanese animation, but I really cut down on all the sweatdrops, weird faces, and random chibis... because it sort of ruins everything... a lot XD.

I distinctly remember doing some pages where they find the ship and go in the water to pull it out. I'll probably post those too if I can find 'em.

Here's something I was working on as the vote incentive for page 36, but I'll have to do something different now :B. Maybe a double update if I can manage it.
This one actually shows up in this chapter :B
This one was just for fun and won't show up at all because I can't see any of the main characters changing into swimwear (or carrying it around for that matter). They'd probably just roll up their sleeves and jump in XD.

Thanks for stopping by :)


XD Thanks!
Regardless of the "questionable" (not accusing) influences, you could still draw so well "back then"! :D
Ahaha, thanks so much! XD
I see you had a bit of 'One Piece' in you style back then. :D

Actually when you grow up (artistically/+agewise), you kinda realize that most decent mangas don't go 'chibi' all that often actually. XD

Luna fanservice~~~
Yes, lots of One Piece. Also bits of Shaman King XD.

Agreed. At the time I was sort of ignoring all the great anime/manga that didn't get all silly with the visuals.

Ha, just wanted to let you know I'm diggin the new site, and the latest pages. I love how you color everything, there's so much mood in it all.

Your old style reminds me a bit of Dragon Ball. Haha, glad to see you cut back on the chibis. XD

Maybe you can have everyone wearing swim wear in a new incentive? That would be fun, even if not in canon. :)
Thanks so much! Glad you like the site :)

Haha, my three favorite manga at the time were One Piece, Shaman King, and Dragonball and they all influenced me quite a bit.

Oh, that's a great idea! I should totally do that :D
Aw crap, I had totally forgotten about the new website. Correcting this mistake now...
:D Thanks so much! I was worried that I might've buried that old post too quickly XD
I keep laughing to myself whenever you refer to these guys as "New Seta" "Old Gun" "New Gun" it's hilarious XD

It's amazing how much the roots of Everblue stays in (haha) a bit in the finalized version, especially the meeting with Ten comic, very similar! :B

Oh yeah and I saw the Luna clothing design :) I like how she ties her hair up :D
Haha, I like poking fun at my old stuff :B

I kept a lot of my favorite parts (Ten and Luna's meeting, Dagger's backstory), but also dumped a lot of other ideas (thank goodness). Back then Luna actually built the oarsman, and that required way too much suspension of disbelief on the reader's part XD.

Thanks so much :D
Wow... this story has really been brewing in ya for some time, then, huh? xD

Old Gun has a very wild-west sorta theme about him.. I like that. Hell, even the name "Old Gun" sounds western-y. Either that, or the name of a particularly strong whiskey xP

Also, seconded for Luna Fanservice :B
@_@ Yes. I'm actually glad I waited so long to start making it official / putting it online. It definitely helped me smooth out the rougher areas of the story.

Haha, yeah, that's a good description (wild-west). I had him as sort of a mysterious lone gunman(with very little personality XD) who lived to collect on bounties.