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Dagger Grin

Wiki Time

'Nother late page XD. Might have to change the update day to Wednesdays for a while, since I seem to be doing a lot more non-comic stuff on the weekends lately. But here's progress stuffs:


It's fully sketched, I just need to ink it and color it :B

While I've been away from my work computer, I've been setting up a wiki for Everblue. It's pretty sparse right now, but there should be some neat info there :). I really needed this, since I found myself spacing out on some crucial things and having to dig through my poorly organized and updated text files. Clicking through a wiki is so much easier, and it feels nice to have an online backup of some of this stuff.

Thanks for stopping by :D
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Thanks so much! :D Oh, that's a great idea! I should make a secret second wiki where I put all the sensitive information >:]

Hehe, I've been babysitting my cousin on weekends recently, but he's a good kid so it's not a stressful thing XD
Yay, wiki. I feel like ganking your infobox format >_>

If you don't mind, theres one issues with face proportion that I've noticed in your drawings that I wanted to point out... sorry in advance for unsolicited crits! Also these are really super subtle but from one artist to another this is the kind of thing I hope that someone would point out to me even though it is kind of small.

You tend to draw the bottom part of the jaw sloping inwards at an angle that is somewhat too steep as compared to the rest of the face. I've put some examples of what I mean here:

Sorry to pick on Luna XD As you can see, its sort of subtle, but its enough to kind of jar my eye every time it comes up so I wanted to let you know that its there.

I'm not sure if its because of the jaw or because of a general centering issue... look at Ten's face in the long middle panel. It helps me to imagine that the face is a plane that is defined by everything you can see by looking straight ahead in a mirror. Or in other words, a plane whose bounds are like this:

I think of that plane as the boundary for any facial element like nose, mouth, eyebrow... if you draw that plane over some of your faces, you can see that there are some strays... you usually have a bit of the eyeball overspilling the boundary, like here which is really subtle again but enough to throw off the proportions.

Again, sorry for unsolicited crits! Obviously your art is crazy good, I'm assuming that you're like me and you would rather know about something that looks weird, whether or not you decide that you want to do anything about it :)
;__; Omygosh, thank you so much for that! For the longest time I've been looking at their faces and wondering just wtf is so off about them and you just hit the nail right on the... face :B. Thinking of a plane with boundaries is a huge help!

Not at all! I really appreciate it! I want to keep improving as best I can and sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to help us notice these things :).

I'm glad I haven't gotten to inking it yet, 'cause now I can make some quick changes to the sketch :D

Haha, feel free to gank it XD. I borrowed the basic format from another wiki which had itself taken and modified it from somewhere else.
I think Luna's getting prettier! Ten sure is one heck of a lucky guy! XD
Haha, numbskull probably doesn't realize how lucky he is (narrowly escapes death, ends up hanging out with pretty girl all the time) :B
Oh man, your sketches are so clean XD I'm really looking forward to the next page update! So very excited :B
Fancy Wiki you got going! I'm gonna go there and waste a few hours readin' through it now :D
Hehe, thanks so much! :D

LoL. There's very little content at the moment, but I hope there was enough to provide a couple minutes of interesting reading XD.