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Just found out they randomly reviewed Everblue on Comic DIsh. I love the way they review comics (audio reviews). These guys are awesome at pointing out the good and bad in equal measure and they offer some great advice when it comes to plot, characters, and even artwork. I found Comic Dish a while ago and have listened through a few of their reviews to see if I could learn any lessons :B.

Here's the review if you want to listen (starts at about 36:30)

XD Most of all, the review really made me want to get my ass in gear and start redoing more of chapter one. Hearing their surprise at the sudden switch to grayscale made me realize how it must be for most readers. I seem to be giving the impression that I started to color it and then stopped... and then started again XDD

I really, REALLY appreciate the constructive criticism they offered ;___;. The issue with facial structure (and the eyes especially) is something I've struggled with for the longest time and only recently started to (possibly) get a better grip on.

Their comments about the world seeming to be in a state of oppression without actually being strong-armed into it was spot on and I'm glad that came across a bit. It is an overarching theme in Everblue that not all forms of oppression are clear and present dangers... ignorance is bliss, etc.

Haha, and the point about it being strange that no one but Luna noticed the creepy bandaged figure... Just as planned :B

A couple other things they mentioned:

Ten ending up on the dock in such a cartoony manner was a bit contrived XD. Total agreement from me, lol. From the way the cannonball whistled (which they don't in real life XD), to the way Ten seemed to fly across hundreds of feet without sustaining any injuries and remaining completely dry, it was all a bit too convenient and does a poor job of setting the tone for the story I want to tell. Looney Toons this is not XD. I'll be redoing that entire scene along with much of chapter one. 

Seta's comments after Ten's crash halted potential drama... Hrm... agreed XD. I might have to change that a bit to soften the transition from the prior page (Seta's shock at apparently killing some kid). All in all though, I do want Chapters 1 and 2 to retain a lighthearted, slightly comedic tone.

Too many pages without dialogue. XD I never thought I'd hear that, but I can see what they mean, especially regarding the first chapter. I think I may be able to condense a bit of chapter one in the redo, which should give me more room for some exposition from the characters :]

The world needs more explanation. Aw, man, I really regret not thinking up a way to do this the first time around. For this I need to find a way I could elaborate on the world a bit more in the beginnings of the comic without having a text-filled prologue... which usually bugs me a little when I see it in comics. I want a lot of things to be revealed gradually, but there are other details that aren't apparent to the reader right off the bat that need to be addressed. The last thing I want is for people to feel completely lost >_<

Gah! Super helpful, and I feel like it opened my eyes to a lot of issues with the first chapter... some of which might extend into the second XD.

My favorite line from the review (paraphrasing): "It's like Waterworld... only not shitty." :')

Edit: They also took a look through the Old Pages and commented on Gun seeming to be a curmudgeon at first glance, which had me in stitches XD
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