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Wiki Woes

I seem to be using my Livejournal just to post about problems lately. I promise I'll stop after this one XD.

So, my
wiki is getting spammed constantly, and these bots/people/whatever keep adding sections and pages linking to external sites for prescription meds, ringtones, etc >_>. I keep having to go in and rollback any recent changes. Now whenever I see the words "Levitra" or "Ringtone" in my wiki I want to break something >_____<

If anyone with MediaWiki experience can help me figure out how to restrict editing privileges to just the main user, I'd really appreciate it ;__;.

Solved! Thanks, p_a_sabrina! :D


Did you try following this guide? http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Preventing_access (esp. "Restrict editing of all pages")
;__; It worked. Thanks so much for pointing me toward this. I don't know why I didn't find that page when I had a look through the manual XD.
Glad it worked! :D *hugs*
Shows ya how much I miss when I'm having fun (acute bronchitis, which is neither cute, nor pleasant). I don't have a Wiki, but I do have a blogspot on Blogger. Had to set it to screen all comments.
I get spam on WordPress, but they have a pretty nice built-in filter for that. I think Wikis should include something similar. Unintelligible spamlanguage shouldn't be too hard to filter XD.

Bronchitis? @__@ Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks. It seems to be clearing up a bit. It was at its worst last weekend.
>=} Just had a thought: "something [i]Wiki[/i] this way comes."
Though you have to admit having Ten give advice on how to enlarge your penis size is pretty hilarious.