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Kumoricon Stuff

Just got back from Kumoricon. It was an interesting experience, and I learned a bit about how the tables work/look. It gave me some ideas for what I'd do if I try to get or share a table next year.

All the cosplayers were highly amusing and being surrounded by them wasn't as creepy as I thought it'd be (for the most part). There was a guy in a really awesome Predator costume and a bunch of Umbrella troopers from the Resident Evil series, lol. I would have taken pictures but I forgot my camera that day ;___;

Stood in line for about 4 hours on the first day getting checked-in (and this was the pre-registered line). Lots of lines, something I now know is probably common for conventions XD.

Entered Everblue into a contest and won in two categories (Best Webcomic and Best Newbie :P). It was a small contest (entrants filled a small conference room), but it was fun and I got some prizes (a Dragonball GT dvd box set and some manga, which is okay XD).

For some reason the whole thing reminded me of high school... only backwards :B

Most of the things to see outside the Dealer's Hall didn't appeal much to me, so there was a lot of waiting around for the more interesting panels and activities. I ended up doing a bunch of sketches while waiting:

These were done on half-letter sized pages, with colored pencil and a brush pen. I started to get really used to it after a while and I'm reminded now why I used to intentionally refrain from drawing everything on the computer. Wanted to give some of these away to internet people, but I only met one. I may insert these into Chapter 1 prints as a special thing if I ever get those done :].

Met the author of Toilet Genie and got a chapter one for free ;__;

Looks beautiful in print... *__*

Cari is really nice in person and she didn't hold my inability to properly start a conversation against me XD. Gave me some good ideas about selling at conventions too. She even took a bunch of my business cards and put them in with the other advertisements in her printed comics. With only food funds, all I could do in return was offer a free sketch OTL

I'm not as outgoing in person as I am on the nets, so I apologize to anyone who tried to talk to me and got a bunch of "uh's..." and "um's..." in response XD. It's not that I didn't want to talk to you, it's just that I'm about as skilled at conversation as I am at calculus :B

Lastly, Portland is awesome :]. I actually wouldn't mind living there if the opportunity ever came up. It's a really clean looking city (at least the parts that I saw) and there's lots of neat architecture (and a Chinatown, omg). The train system is really cool... but seems really easy to rip-off... They never seem to check for tickets so you could just walk right on to the train and ride from one end of the city to the other without being asked about it XD (day passes are cheap though, so I don't know why anyone would do that, lol).

Now, back to work :B


Sounds like you had a lot of fun! \o/ Congrats on winning the mini contest! XD

Also, nice sketches! :3
Thanks so much! :D
Stood in line for about 4 hours on the first day getting checked-in (and this was the pre-registered line). Lots of lines, something I now know is probably common for conventions XD. This is, indeed, normal. Sometimes you'll even find a line to get on line.
Man, I'd hate to see how the bigger conventions are when it comes to lines XD.
Hehe. They're about the same, actually. It's pretty standard,.
-__- Does that mean I didn't have to buy tickets? I was taking the Red Line from the airport to SW 5th and back each day, so I may have just been passing through the free zones? XD

Thanks! Next time for sure :D
Psshh, cosplayers aren't scary, hyper yes but scary no. And glad to hear that you have all these ideas for the next time you do a table.
Haha, definitely a lot of hyper people there XD. Thanks! It was such a big help to see the tables up close.
they do check for tickets outside of the free-rail zone [and since you were out by the airport, it's possible you would have encountered the rail monitors--but they only do it a few times a week. If you do get caught you get charged a 50 dollar fine the first time, and a temp ban from the transit system for repeat offenses.

Glad you liked Portland--it really is the least 'city' of all the big city places..and pretty easy to navigate after you've been there a few weeks. I wanna go back in a few years, once the job market stops dying of economic cancer.
Ah, I see. Glad I bought tickets every time. The one time I test my luck would be the one time they check XD.
Haaahaha the MAX is such a joke. They only check tickets during rush hour, but not even then, really. I rode it almost every day to school for a year and maybe got checked 10 times. Plus is stops every 2 blocks, which is useless...

Anyway, love the sketches! I like how you shaded with the blue.
Even though I had a ticket I felt like I was stealing when I walked on and nobody checked. I had to wonder how many people there actually bought tickets themselves with the security being so lax XD

Thanks so much :D
HOLY SHIT! What's with those eyes XD?!
XD Haha, which ones?
The ones from Toilet Genie, they are HUGE.
Ah, she's a pug turned into a human by a genie, but she's still got the puppy eyes :B
Wow! You should wait in line more often! Especially if it means you'll be sketching like that more often :B Why are your lines soooo purdyyy
Cheers for winning the mini contests and for meeting all those people :] I'd be a bit weird meeting people offline too XD (People would probably think I am a total weirdo)

um...keep sketching :B
Hahaha, thanks so much :D. I love my brush pen -- drawing with a tablet was actually good practice for inking in real life :B

XD Oh man, I hope I didn't come off as weird, lol. I have a hard time starting conversations, so it's possible :B.
You're wrong. I hold your conversational skills against you. YOU NEVER CAME BACK TO SEE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. ;___; You're a brat. XD

I only wish that there had been more opportunity to talk, I should have invited you to dinner before you wandered off.

Thank you for pimping my comic again. *hug*
Ack. Sorry about that. I was trying not to be annoying by hanging around too much XD.

No problem! :D The print version was even more fun to read :]