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Re: Chapter 2

Been neglecting the Livejournal so here's a quick update on some stuff :B

Though I'm still working on re-inking and [eventually] recoloring chapter one, I noticed that the first half of chapter two is also crying out for some much needed revisions. Because these revisions will take a lot less time, I've decided that chapter two will take priority over chapter one (which at least looks similar most of the way through). Chapter two will be the first to print, so I'll be damned if it's going to be printed as is -- all inconsistent/half-formed XD.

Here's just some of what I've been doing to the opening scene (in order from earliest to latest attempt).


This was just the original lineart -- upscaled (from 150 dpi) and adjusted to fit the resolution of the current pages.

This was an earlier attempt at fixing things up that I never followed through with XD. I'm reminded of how much drawing Ten's face used to frustrate me >_<

Finally, here's the latest adjustment, waiting for colors. The biggest change was altering the perspective on Ten and Luna in the last panel to match their environment. That's something I just couldn't wrap my mind around the first time, even though I knew it should have been done.

Also, I'm working on 3D models of Gun and Dagger's weapons. I can already see myself straining to draw these at different angles without a proper reference, so these will be invaluable when the time comes. It's especially nice that I could export these from Sketchup and then place the models right into Photoshop if I'm really having trouble XD -- something I've actually done with the Skyward on occasion.

On a weird note, I had to double(triple?)-check when I saw my e-mail and found out that Niko Geyer had followed the Twitter. This dude is the dude whose artwork got me to take digital art seriously, whose webcomic directly inspired Everblue in its earliest stages. Seeing the work that he and Clay Gardner put into Fantasy Realms was the tipping point that pushed me toward trying my hand at developing a comic of my own ;_;. It's just incredibly surreal to see that name pop up in my inbox. Gah, I'm a nerd XD.

Thanks for sticking around :D. I'll try not to let the Livejournal gather too many cobwebs.
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