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Everblue Index

Welcome to the Everblue progress blog!

Everblue is something I've been thinking about for a long time... It's gone through several versions in the past -- most of them in my mind -- but I think I've finally gotten it to a point where I can start converting those thoughts into comic format.

I should mention that the first chapter is basically a rough draft at the moment. I'll be going back at some point to get it on par with Chapter 2, which is closer to where I want it to be, visually. But I'll still take critiques and make changes to the current chapters to try and better the reading experience :].

This blog will be used to post development and progress related art/things. All new pages will be posted on the website.


Everblue is a story about adventure, camaraderie, and exploration in a world with a potentially bleak fate.

In a world of endless ocean, four castaways set out to reshape their destinies. One among them may hold the key to changing that world forever. With a power-hungry nation and its deadly operatives at their heels, they find themselves seeking out a myth long-since hidden from the population, guided by little more than a boy and his childlike ambition.

Main Characters

Anonymous comments are enabled, so feel free to post your opinions on the comic here or in the updates if you want ;)

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Greetings, time traveler XD

YAYY index, it is getting ready to index a bunch of pages I'm sure.
Greetings :D

I sure hope so, lol. I wish I could be as prolific with the pages as you :). Need years more practice for that XD.
Haha, exactly what I needed! 8D
Glad I could help! ;)
I missed some pages due to the lack of internet access. So it makes it easy for me to catch up.

*hides again and continues secretly stalking* X3


Navigation Issues

Hey there! I stumbled upon your comic from a link via The Meek. I like it so far, but my biggest complaint is the lack of easy navigation. Something to work on if you don't want your new readers to get frustrated from click on one page, the clicking back to the index just to move forward. Time comsuming, less time to read and get involved and come back.

Keep up the good work so far!

~ Puck

Re: Navigation Issues

Thanks so much! I feel so honored getting a link on that site *__*

As for the page navigation in the index, I agree, it's pretty cumbersome as is. I've been looking into a couple solutions. Livejournal doesn't grant much freedom in terms of coding, but I could embed a Flash object there, or use an HTML iframe. I want it to be nice and simple though. In any case, expect a change there eventually or soon :). Thanks for the input!

Re: Navigation Issues

XD Turns out I can't use embedded objects...

Anyway, I made a page viewer with chapter selection and next/previous buttons. The link is now in the index. It's pretty bare-bones now, but I'll be adding on to it in the future. Thanks for bringing my attention to this :).


Re: Navigation Issues

Much better! Thank you, I appreciate that you did it so quickly.

~ Puck
awesome comic! I just discovered it today; can't wait to see where it goes! :D
Thank you so much! :] I really appreciate your interest in the comic. I'll do my best to keep it going :D.


EverBlue Comic

Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your comic and look forward to it's continuation. Keep up the good work.

Re: EverBlue Comic

Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the comic :D.
Hi there.. I just stumbled upon your block from JesnCin's LJ.. And you know the first time I saw your illustration, I like it instantly. Lemme add you as a friend =D
Thanks so much! :D Oh, you did that illustration of Jona and Jared for them, right? That was awesome! :]


Yes I did. It was part of my art trade with them =D Very fun. Do you happen to have deviantart account as well?

Re: ^^

Yep. I'm Blue-Ten over there too. I had a look through your gallery -- very nice artwork *_*


I was linked here from The Meek, and I've got to say, Der-shing really has eyes for good web comics. I love the exposition so far, and I actually wish I found this comic later, so I'd have more to read, if you know what I mean. I guess that's the curse of good web comics: it takes long for perfection. I can tell this is going to be a really dynamic comic once the plot gets moving, so I'm looking forward to it.

Also, I agree that the lack of easy navigation is frustrating. Even with your page viewer, it's hard to navigate, because I usually use my arrow keys to scroll up and down the page, but the drop down menu automatically gets selected and redirects me to another page. But I saw that you were making a new design for that site, so maybe it'll be fixed by then. I personally think that you'll get more hits by advertising a separate site than just a live journal account, but that's just me.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
Thanks so much! Yeah, I was introduced to some of my new favorite comics by The Meek XD. DS really knows how to find good ones, lol.

Ah, that's one of the main reasons I want to redesign it. I use the scroll wheel on my mouse and it does the same thing with the menu a lot of the time. The new design will use ComicPress like other webcomics, so hopefully it'll be easier to navigate :].

Thanks again! I'm really glad you're enjoying the comic so far :D


I noticed underneath there was some Latin? Anyway, I think it looks beautiful. Can't wait.
Thanks :D. Ah, the Latin is common placeholder text that web and graphic designers use to see what certain areas will look like with text.


I just wanna say....

that I love your comic! I've been looking at it from afar and I love it every much. I just want you to know that you have a loyal fan and keep you the great work! :)

Re: I just wanna say....

Thank you so much :D. I'm really glad you're enjoying the comic!



Oh yay! A current and roughly regularly updated comic! Hooray!! There are so few good ones out and it's cool to find another one. x3
OHHH my gosh.

I found your comic through a chance click on a random ad somewhere, and boy am I glad I did. I haven't found a webcomic I am so, so excited about in a really long time. The art is beautiful - colorful and and with just enough detail to be effective without being overwhelming.

And I've never gotten less than two full chapters into something and already started shipping the obvious canon main pairing so hard. Ever. Ten and Luna remind me a little bit of Sheeta and Pazu from Castle in the Sky. (I could go on forever about how much I love these two, both individually and together, but that would make this comment longer and more tedious than it's probably going to be already...)

The whole comic so far has got this vibe to it that reminds me of Miyazaki, actually - the wonder and magic and mystery of the setting, and the simplicity of the characters that doesn't dumb them down into cliche stereotypes.

Anyway, I can't wait to read more! I'm sorry for posting such an idiotically rambly and foamy-at-the-mouth fangirly all out of the blue like this, but I just love Everblue to death and just wanted to express to you how very much I love it and how wonderful I think it is. ♥
*__* This comment. It made me so happy, you have no idea.

Firstly, I'm so glad you like the art :D. It's gone through so many changes since the beginning, but I'm always trying to push myself to make something people might enjoy looking at as much as reading :].

Ten and Luna :3. Their relationship is a big part of the story, so I'm just overjoyed to know that you like them :D. The comparison to Miyazaki is truly flattering -- I love all the Studio Ghibli movies and Castle in the Sky is one of my favorites :D. I've drawn a lot of inspiration from those movies, especially from their attention to detail and the way they craft the characters.

Oh, I hope you've been reading it on the website, by the way :]. I haven't posted any new pages here on the Livejournal since I started the site XD.

Thanks so much for the comment! I wish I could say more in reply but I'm too busy smiling like a huge nerd right now XD.