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Baby Steps

Well, I've made it official now, even added a new journal title and everything. I'll be using this space to catalog my progress on my comic book project, "Everblue". This thing is pretty important to me; I've basically had it in mind since middle school and have been unable to shake it from my thoughts ^^;. Mostly I'm hoping that keeping a journal about it will help me develop it better, and maybe gain some feedback in the process :).

Anyway, Everblue is a fantasy/adventure story that takes place on a world of endless ocean (no continents, no islands, presumably no sea floor -- think Waterworld... but with more water :P). The people of this world live on floating artificial islands that were supposedly constructed by the Gods long before the creation of humanity. However, there have always been tales that "Land" once existed alongside the sea -- a mysterious concept that very few can comprehend, and one that conflicts greatly with the views of the government/church. Some even believe there exists a way to resurrect the Land but, needless to say, these people are considered heretics and madmen by the common majority. Mostly, Land is regarded as a myth and nothing more. However, one person believes he has discovered the path to bringing about "Seafall" -- the legendary resurrection of Land spoken of by the ancients -- and has made it not only his ambition, but his obligation to complete the journey attempted by many before. This is where the story begins...

There is much more to it than that, of course, but I don't want to spill the whole thing out right here :P.

Anyway, I've made some progress on Everblue already! How 'bout that? :D


Here's Ten :D.

Full Name: Unknown
Age: 17

Ten is a guy who has lived at sea for pretty much his entire life, drifting from place to place, seemingly following some sort of path. He's an upbeat, cheerful person, who tends to be a bit lazy and alarmingly gullible at times. He is almost never seen without a smile on his face, which earned him the nickname of "Smiling Vagrant" along his travels. He believes wholeheartedly, and speaks often of it, that there is no such thing as true evil. His full name and island of origin are unknown.

I'm pretty excited about this. Just four more of these character files and I can start thinking about doing the first chapter (rough draft format) :D.

It may be obvious, but I was highly inspired to do this Livejournal by the example Alexds set with "The Meek."
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Wow, this is really awesome ;___; and scary, I had an idea for almost the exactly same story, its nuts XD Except yours sounds like a million percent better, haha. While I do like your fanart on DA, I'm always more interested in seeing people's original stuff so I am looking forwards to you posting more from this story <3
Haha, that's really cool! I guess it's true what they say about great minds then ;D. Kidding XD -- from what I've read of The Meek, I can see you're a much better storyteller than me.

Anyway, thank you so much! I'll definitely post more on this. I've had Everblue on the brain more so than usual lately :).
the story sounds very VERY interesting!!!

I'll friend this LJ :D
Got here via alexds1 and I gotta say, I really like the comic so far. :D I love your art, and it's really fun to see people's original ideas being put out, so I'm hoping to see more! ♥